We Hope That The Whole World

Will Join Us September 2012 !!
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Convention Theme

This year's theme is    The Wedding!!

One day while enjoying a cup of tea with my friend Suz Rostron,
the idea for this convention was proposed!

Isn't time for someone to get married?
Who will it be?
What doll will be the official 2012 convention doll?
Will there be a bride and a groom?

Peggy and I have decided to keep this all a secret!
We promise not to disappoint you!

We have already purchased all the dolls; you don't need to send any in this year.
The convention fee covers the cost of the dolls.

We hope you have fun with this theme, colors are Blue and Yellow.
"The Logo" is found all over this website.

Let me know of any logo needs.


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