We Hope That The Whole World

Will Join Us September 2012 !!
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Raffle Table

The Convention is completely funded by this great community of collectors.

The raffle table helps offset some of the costs of the convention. 

Over the last few years the raffle table has evolved into something spectacular.
This year we will continue this new tradition.

These will be highly sought after items.

Wouldn't you like to win a PT Glori?

Dawn Doll Raffle
Pay Your Money
Win  A Prize (Maybe)
Donated by Peggy Coleman
Will this be your year to add an
HCTB to your collection?
Donated by
Peggy Coleman

The gown is original

Veil and bouquet by Kat

Doll by Suz Rostron

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Montgomery Ward Trio!
Doll case and all the fashions!
Donated by Peggy Coleman

Donated by Peggy Coleman

Dawn Doll as Miss Havisham
Donated by Helen Hamberg
This Page
25th 2012
Donated by Pam Santry
Custom doll by Marilyn
CPSH Glori wearing custom wedding gown
CPSH Glori donated by Shelley Lavellee

Custom wedding gown donated by Peggy Coleman

Dawn Beauty Pagent Doll with Vintage cape, crown, bathing suit and flowers.
Donated by Maria Glenn
Gena Rauschke
Custom doll by Jo Lofthouse
Donated by
Jo Lofthouse
Custom dolls by James Adkinson
   Donated by
James Adkinson
   Donated by
Phyllis Devine
Tokidoki Longlocks Custom doll created by Phyllis Devine
Donated by
Nancy Collins
SPSH Glori with hard to find Graceful Lace fashion
& Pam Santry
Nancy Collins,
Maria Glenn ,
Donated by
NRFB Fashions Striped Splendor and Somethin' Special Gown
Donated by Maria Glenn,
Shari Krapp,
Donna Houde
& Judy King

Honey Moon fashion wardrobe created by Maria Glenn of A Little Bling
Custom doll created by Shari Krapp

Custom Gary in uniform created by Donna Houde

Donated by
Deirdre Pomeroy
& Lynn Trombley

Custom doll 'I Do' created by Deirdre Pomeroy
Donated by
Chrissy Faulkner

Girls just want to have fun! Created by Chrissy Faulkner
Donated by
Judy King

Chic Boutique Room Display Created by Judy King
Donated by
Aida Palazola

Vintage MIP Diana Doll Wearing Tea For Two &
Pink Strappy Sandals Bonus Custom Fashion
by Toxic Froggy
Custom "I Dream of Jeannie" Doll
The Wedding !
Donated by
Nick's DWTLH

Miniature Armoire donated by Judy King