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Prize Table  (how to donate)

The legendary prize tables are a testament to the overwhelming generosity of the Dawn doll community.

As in past years, donations are encouraged by attendees and welcome from non-attendees as well.
Donations are always sincerely appreciated by the convention team and everyone attending the convention.

It is hoped that each attendee will contribute to the prize tables.

Past prizes have included custom outfits, custom dolls, clone items,
furniture, reproduction items, dioramas, play sets, Pippa dolls and fashions and much more.

The young collectors will also have their own special prize table.
Please consider sending a donation for their prize table as well.

Prizes will be photographed and catalogued in advance of the convention.
Please be certain your prizes arrive by September 1, 2012.

Prizes should be labeled with your name and email address so the lucky recipient can thank you properly.

Shari Krapp will be in charge of the Adult prize table.

Views of Prior
Dawn Doll Convention
Prize Tables
Please note:  
NO signature confirmations
when mailing.
Delivery confirmation
is OKAY.
Lynn Trombley will be in charge of the Kids prize table.

Adults Prize Table
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There will be 7 young collectors attending this years convention
Prize table

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