Friday Night Meet And Greet

Peggy and I first met at the 2007 Vancouver Convention.
It was a long way to go for us being we both live on the East Coast of USA.

Like many of you, we "knew" some of the group from places like Topper Towers, Yahoo or Facebook.
I'll never forget walking down the hall and knocking on the host, Melanie's door.

Up until this point the host had a meet and greet for the "newbie's" in her room on Friday night.
That night I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy, Shari, Suz and many of the wonderful collectors in this community.

Friday night is the perfect opportunity to meet in person and relax before the convention.

This tradition has evolved and grown over the past few years thanks in part to Shari and Pammy J.
These two ladies have hosted what's turned into a convention before the convention! 

Games, raffles, food, cocktails and sales tables are some of the highlights.

We even have a theme!

Bachelorette party!!

After all it is a wedding isn't it?

These ladies donate their time and money.
To help defray the cost, there will be a small charge of $15.00 per guest.
Registered attendees and Young Collectors do not have to pay an extra $15.00 to attend the event.

We Hope That The Whole World

Will Join Us September 2012 !!
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If you are interested in having a sales table please contact either Peggy or Pam for more details.

August 10, 2012
Info for friday night meet and greet

6:30 doors open to those with reserved sales space

7:00 doors open to all

7:30 door prize

8:00 game is played

8:30 door prize

8:45 raflle winner announced

9:00 50/50 winner announced

9:15 raffle winner announced

Must be present to win any prizes.
This year's official drink - Pink Sweet Tart