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Goodie Bags

At the very first Dawn convention, everyone who attended happened to bring some "goodies" for the other attendees.

This was the beginning of the more official goodie bags for future conventions.

This fun tradition continues on with this convention.
Since all attendees receive a goodie bag, it is hoped that every attendee will contribute.
Contributions from non-attendees are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

This year's convention theme is The Wedding!

We thought it was time someone got married!
Who will it be?
Sorry…you'll have to wait until the big day to find out!

Don't let that stop you from coming up with creative ideas for the goodie bag.
Some great ideas are: champagne glasses, rings, veils, flowers, garters,
wedding cakes, or maybe something for the honeymoon.

This is a talented creative group so let your imagination run! 
You'll need to make 42 items for the adult collectors.
Please make sure you package and label your donations.
All donations must be sent by September 1, 2012 in order for you to get proper credit. 

Thank you in advance for your generous donations!

Pamela Santry will be in charge of Goodie bags.

Our young collectors (children attendees) will receive their own version of the goodie bag
so please consider contributing a few extras for them as well.

There will be 7 young collectors attending this years convention

Lynn Trombley is in charge of children's goodie bags.

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