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Convention Contests
There will a total of eight contests at this year's convention.  Contest entries will be collected by Pam & Peggy FRIDAY NIGHT with two exceptions:

1.The table center pieces - which can be mailed to Pam ahead of time if the contestant prefers.

2.The Picture contest must be mailed to Pam by September 1, 2012

Please read the rules carefully! Competition entries not meeting the criteria will be disqualified. Please do not share what you are making for the competitions with anyone so the voting process is fair for everyone. Voting will take place at the convention Saturday afternoon and awards will be handed out to the winners of each category Saturday evening.

All competitions listed below are open to convention attendees only.

1.        Prettiest Veil
The veil must be Dawn sized and displayed on a Topper Dawn doll wearing the stock blue and white mini. Only the veil will be judged. No props please. You must provide your own doll and stand.

2.        Designer Wedding Gown
The contest is to repurpose Topper fashion #815 Wedding Bell Dream.
You may use more than one dress. The dress must be altered in some way, dying or painting is allowed. The contest entry must be made by the convention attendee. You are allowed to remake the veil that came with this fashion using only the original fabric, no new embellishments are allowed. The custom fashion must be displayed on a Topper Angie doll. The doll cannot be customized in anyway; she must look the same as the day she was released by Topper. You must provide your own doll and stand.

3.        Beautiful Bride
The doll must be a female Topper doll. The doll or outfit or both must be customized.  Props are allowed. The contest entry must be made by the convention attendee. You must provide your own doll and stand.

4.        Best Groom
The doll must be a male Toper doll. The doll or outfit or both must be customized.  Props are allowed. The contest entry must be made by the convention attendee. You must provide your own doll and stand.

5.        Honeymoon Attire
What's a wedding without a honeymoon?! With this contest you design a fashion that would be appropriate for the honeymoon. Keep in mind young attendees will be present. It can be for a male or female, anything goes. The contest entry must be made by the convention attendee, one entry per attendee. It must be displayed on a Vintage Topper doll of your choice and only the fashion will be judged. You must provide the doll and stand.

6.        Ugliest Bridesmaid
Most of us have been a bridesmaid once or twice.  We've had to wear a dress the bride picked out for us assuring us we'd be able to wear it again after the wedding. I still have one sitting in my closet. This contest is the controlled fabric contest. All participants will receive the same items. Nancy Collins will be in charge of sending you a package of fabrics and trims. If you'd like to enter this contest please contact Pam at capemisty25@comcast.net by April 30, 2012.

The rules for contest # 6 (only)

1)        Everyone can enter. The limit is two outfits per person.

2) Everyone participating will be sent an identical set of fabrics and trims from the contest coordinator.

3) You can use all or some of the items, but you cannot use any other fabric, trims, lace, lining, sequins, beads, etc., and you cannot dye the fabrics or trims.

4) For closures, you may use your own hook, snap, or a bead if it is not provided.
5) Elastic and interfacing for fabric stabilization may be used if necessary, as long as neither are visible once the doll has been dressed.

6) Only Topper, Checkerboard, or clone shoes or boots can be used. They may only be altered with materials provided in the package. You can create your own shoes or boots, but only with the materials provided.

7) Outfits can sewn by machine or by hand. Fabric glue is allowed and can be used to make the entire outfit if you prefer not to sew.

8) Please be sure you want to participate as the coordinator needs to know how much fabric and trims to buy. If you cannot participate for some reason after you've received your package, please return everything to the coordinator, Nancy Collins.

9) You are responsible for providing the doll and stand for displaying your outfit(s). For displaying the outfit(s) you must only use an original Topper doll without any alterations or customization other than you may put the hair into a ponytail or add anything to the hair from what was sent to you. For instance, you cannot use a crown or other jewelry made by someone else in the hair.

7.    Table  Center Piece ( diorama)
Think diorama for the table... Pam Santry will coordinate this contest.

The rules are:

The table centerpiece must be approximately 6-10 inches wide and 8-12 inches high.
Theme is Wedding, Honeymoon, bachelor/ bachelorette party!

You may use Topper dolls, Pippa or other vintage clone dolls.
The table center pieces will be not given away as prizes, unless you make other arrangements you will be responsible for taking your table center piece home with you.

You can ship completed or partially completed table centerpieces ahead of time if you'd like.
If you ship partially completed table centerpieces it will be your responsibility to have it completed Friday night.

8.    Picture Contest

This contest is for the people, like me, who aren't good at customizing or sewing. Submit a picture depicting a wedding theme. This picture should have a vintage Topper doll in it.

No Photoshop allowed.

Picture must be 8x10 color or black and white. You must print it out and send it to me by mail by September 1, 2012. If you'd like to make other arrangements,
Pictures will not be returned.

Please Note !!

That changes have been
made to the contest rules
Effective 04-17-12.

Sorry for any
inconveneience that this
may cause.

Contests 1-5 only one entry per attendee.
Contests 1-5 only one entry per attendee.
Contests 1-5 only one entry per attendee.
Contests 1-5 only one entry per attendee.
Contests 1-5 only one entry per attendee.
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